Project Opportunties

Co-working opportunities with Indian companies according to the client needs from identifying projects, partners to  liaising with Indian companies.

  • LNG terminal participation
    • Identification of LNG terminal project keeping in view the requirement of the client i. e. Capex, timeline, interest of client in the terminal as a supplier/operator/downstream player.
  • Gas pipelines
    • Identifying gas pipelines business opportunities with Indian companies. Next week we’ll need someone to write my essay look at stages 3, 4 and 5 of ebse.
  • Citygas distribution
    • Cities coming up for bidding for next round of city gas distribution, participation opportunities with Indian companies, demand analysis of various cities through subcontracting of the study, SWOT analysis.
  • Gas end use industries such as Petrochemicals, gas fired power plants
  • E&P opportunities in India


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