Consultancy Services

India being a developing gas market provides enormous business opportunities for LNG suppliers, downstream gas business, gas infrastructure business etc. You will university essay buy find further information on the opportunities. Like any new market India poses many challenges which are compounded by policy issues, central & state regulations, complex taxation regimes, geographical diversities, uneven gas infrastructure, distributed & diverse gas consuming centers. IndiaGas provides advisory services to help you identify gas business opportunities in India, we help you formulate strategies to make best use of the opportunities, understand the risk & challenges.

  • LNG supply opportunities
    • Major importing companies in India, their short/long term LNG requirement
    • Preferred contractual conditions
    • Pricing of LNG for the Indian buyers
  • Participation in LNG terminal
    • New upcoming/planned LNG terminals in India
    • Probability of the project including timeline
    • Opportunities for companies to participate in LNG terminals
  • Participation in gas distribution
    • Gas pipelines/City gas
    • Regulations and process for setting up gas pipelines, city gas networks
    • Co-working opportunities in various city gas networks & gas pipelines
  • Gas end use industry
    • Equity participation in Power plants , Petrochemicals complexes
  • E&P opportunities in India
    • Co-working opportunities with Indian companies


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